Podcasting Resources

Podcasting Groups

You need to already have an RSS feed and then these organisations can help get your podcast noted.

Education Podcast Network a gathering of educational podcasts, hosted with RSS- Allanah Allanah Feb 28, 2011

Education Podcast Channel hosts your podcast through RSS

Digg- Podcasting On this site your podcast gets linked to and people vote and comment on how much they like (or dig) your podcast, or news or anything really!

Privacy Consents

We need to have parents and children give their consent to the publication of their images, voice and ideas.

These downloads are what we use as outlined in NZ's Netsafe Organisation but edited to be more understandable by primary school children.

Podcasting Help Web Sites

Apple Computers : Three Videos on How to Podcast with Garageband

1. How to make a basic podcast.

2. How to add photos to a podcast track.

3. A pdf on how to upload a podcast made in Garageband into Podomatic. Made by Sara Taylor from Manawatu ICT Cluster.

http://joevans.pbwiki.com/Podcasting John Evan's podcasting wiki

Apple Help on how to make a video podcast

Audacity Tutorials Username BETT07 Password atomic

Help with Garageband The Apple website has some useful reminders as well.

Podomatic Podcasts on how to podcast with Podomatic. Now there's an idea!

4. I have made a blog post in Bling4yrblog on how to add your podcast directly to your Blogger blog without the advertising or extras. It can be a bit tricky so I have made a vodcast video type thing to illustrate the instructions.

Software for Podcasting

Myna online tool for recording and mixing audio- very Garageband in look and feel- save to their site and download as an .mp3
Well worth a look and a really good find for the PC user as it does have choices of free loops etc just like Garageband. My best audio find of 2009.

Podomatic Register for a free Podomatic Account and get your RSS feed at the same time.

Audacity is a free download that allows you to record and edit your sound tracks. To use in Moviemaker on a PC export track from Audacity as a .wav file and import into Moviemaker to make an enhanced podcast.

Skype free for making free computer to computer phone calls and cheap computer to ordinary phone calls.

Call Recorder for recording Skype conversations on an Apple Computer 7 day free trial then $US12.95.

Super Duper Music Looper for creating loops of music, free trial download and then $US19.95.

Freeplay Music download copyright free music to encourage good practice.

Audio Hijacker free Apple download that lets you record any noise that your computer makes! Will record the called person's side of a Skype phone conversation but not your side as you are making the sound not the computer!

This blog post shows you how to create a Bubbleshare Slideshow.

Voicethread is a wonderful new way of recording and sharing audio and graphics that allows others to add their comments.

I have made a blog post here to show you how to make a Voicethread.

Here is an example from our class blog of how we used Voicethread to get some quick feedback on our speeches.