Allanah's Wikis as examples

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Flight- written as a resource page for Year Five learning about Flight- some collaboration with a nearby school studying the same topic.

Hemispheres- written by children in Year Four/ Five as a collaboration to find out differences and similarities between north and south hemispheres. Won a Chase Award!

Astronomy- written as a resource hub for inquiring about astronomy and to share our HOT task animation based on those learnings.

Waterways A beginning waterways wiki- with separate pages for each group to edit.

Examples of Science Wikis General links that you can explore your individual body system with- digestive, circulatory, skeletal. Secondary Environmental Science Investigation Resource Wiki. Free Science Stuff - posters, videos, links Written by NZ Lynne Crowe of Te Awamutu Intermediate as a resource for science links. Australian Secondary School Biology Wiki Year Six/Seven Wiki to support maths/science classes.

Examples of Wikis for General Collaboration Written by Lenva Sheering-a site to help teachers and students find web2.0 tools to suit their needs and purpose. Written by Andrew Churches from Auckland focussing on Bloom's Digital Taxonomy.

Wikis that help you build wikis Where you go to get your ad free wikispaces wiki - as long as you work in K-12 education. Lenva's definitive wiki on add things to your wiki- go there if you get stuck or want to try something tricky with your wiki. Video tutorials related to wikispaces. Suzie's wikispace help page

Other Wiki Providers As easy as Peanut Butter Wikipedia- peer reviewed wiki on everything Links to other significant wiki. Wiki to provide non-fiction books for children up to Year Eight

Linking a wiki to on-line social bookmarking Join here to begin Allanah's bookmarks

Easy things that you can embed in your wiki to make it more interactive.

Voicethreads related to the topic like this example.

You Tube Videos related to your science topic.

This is a Google video that can be embedded as well.

Straight audio with tools like AudioPal or Divshare or AudioBoo share as a public link from an on line storage facility like DropBox.

Link with Dropbox will look like this...

Jessica's Reading

Here is a recording I made quickly with AudioBoo.


Another way for people to quickly record their thoughts is to use Wallwisher.

You can even embed all sorts of collaborative tools in a wiki so children can quickly add their ideas- the joy of Wallwisher is that all children can add to a wall at the same time. With a wiki only one person can edit a space at the same time- otherwise one person will overwrite the work of another.

Lets get together and make a wiki for our classes.