This lists some of the people that do cool podcasts that we know of....

Please add your podcast or add others that you have listened to... book of ra online spielen

1. Allanah's Podcast Appleby, Nelson, NZ. A range of topics & genre of podcast.

2. Frimley Primary School Near Hastings, NZ. book reviews.

3. Brightwater School Nelson, NZ. A variety of book reviews and topic based podcasts.

4. Springston School, Christchurch, NZ. Some cool animated podcasts.

5. Victoria Avenue, Christchurch, NZ. Variety of topics and genre.

6. Cefn Fforest School, Wales, UK. Variety of topics and genre.

7. Room 5, Pine Hill School, Dunedin, NZ. Yr 5/6 class Book Reviews, poetry.

8. Point England, Auckland, NZ. Award winning book reviews.

9. KinderTeacher, Georgia, America. New Entrant podcasts

10. Discovery School, Whitby, Wellington, NZ. A mixture of book reviews and space topic podcasts.

11. Russley Radio, Russley school, Christchurch, NZ. Exploring podcasting to comment on the exciting happenings in their community

12. Room 7, Paparoa School, Christchurch, NZ. Role playing interviews looking at disasters.

13. R 3 Adventures, Pine Hill School, Dunedin NZ. Yr 3/4 class Claymation vodcasts retelling folk tales.

14. Bucklands Beach Intermediate School - Auckland, New Zealand. We have been working with many different podcasts

15.- Room 5 - reflections by students of their prepared school speeches.

16.- Collaborative Story Telling - 3 groups of students who are writing collaborative stories using wikis, and now podcasting the chapters. (This is still a work in progress). - The Last Resort - Lost at War - The Hypnotiser
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