To record and edit audio on a PC you need to download and install Audacity and the Lame MP3 encoder that lets you export your audio as an MP3 file. An MP3 is an audio only file.

Downloading Audacity

System Requirements
Click the appropriate link below, which takes you to the Sourceforge download page - don't "save link as.." or "save target as..". The Sourceforge download should start automatically. If you are having trouble, try disabling any automatic download managers you might have running. Or click where it says "If your download doesn't start straight away, click HERE.

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista: Audacity 1.2.6 installer (.exe file, 2.1 MB) - The latest version of the free Audacity audio editor.

You will also need to download the LAME MP3 encoder.

How do I download and install the LAME MP3 encoder?

Because of software patents, they cannot distribute MP3 encoding software themselves. Follow these instructions to use the free LAME encoder to export MP3 files with Audacity.


  1. Go to the LAME download page.
  2. Under "For Audacity on Windows", left-click on the link "libmp3lame-win-3.97.zip" and save the zip folder to anywhere on your computer.
  3. When you have finished downloading the ZIP folder, unzip it and save the file lame_enc.dll that it contains to anywhere on your computer.
  4. The first time you use the "Export as MP3" command, Audacity will ask you where lame_enc.dll is saved.
  5. In case of difficulty, please view our more detailed instructions at the Audacity Wiki.
  6. After you do this the first time your computer remembers how to link to and get the encoder. Clever eh!

Here are a couple of screen grabs that will help you.

(a) Save the Audacity File Download.

(b) Save the LAME file to somewhere where you know where it is. Right click on it and EXTRACT all the files.

Open Audacity and go FILE- EXPORT TO MP3 and it will ask you to find the file to associate it with Audacity.


(c) Go looking for that lame_enc.dll file and click on it to associate it. It is good that you only have to do this once and Audacity will remember it after that.


(d) And when you see this box you know you have got it right.


A portable version of Audacity

You can also carry a version of Audacity around on your flash drive for portability. To get it click here.

Tutorials on how to use Audacity

Audacity themselves have a FAQ section to get you started finding out more about how to use the application.

Atomic Learning have a number of on-line tutorials to help you with the basic and and more advanced features of using Audacity.

Here is another useful non-subscription site that has Audacity tutorials http://www.how-to-podcast-tutorial.com/17-audacity-tutorial.htm
If you look at each tutorial in sequence you will get a good idea of what to do if you forget.

Here is an in depth pdf tutorial written by Aussie John Pearce on using Audacity that can take you through step by step.

This person has written about to set your microphone up to record through Audacity if it doesn't just do it automatically.

How to set up your microphone.


Record using the on line tool Myna.


Here is an example I made quickly to show the tool in action. You can export as an mp3 quite easily as well.

You can add extra copywrite music tracks from places like Freeplay Music.

Upload that file to a site like Podomatic and then subscribe to your podcast in iTunes by downloading iTunes for free and clicking on subscribe to this podcast on the side bar of you Podomatic page..