On this page we will look at what to do with the file we have made in Audacity.

The idea is that when we upload the file to Podomatic it then goes on the internet for sharing and Podomatic automatically makes it available for downloading in iTunes so you can listen to it off line or on your iPod or MP3 player.

Firstly go the the Podomatic web site and register with your email adress and password. Write it down somewhere where you are not going to lose it!!!!

1. This is the first screen you will see after you register.

Go to the MY PODCAST tab.


2. Click on the POST A NEW EPISODE link.

= =


3. Go to Step 1- Select Media- Upload media from your computer.


4. Browse to find the story and click on the Upload Media icon.


5. Now write your title and write a little to say what the podcast is about.


6. Now select a picture that goes with your podcast.

== ==


====7. Click on CLEAN and add some tags to help other people find your podcast.===

== ==


8. One you seen this screen you can go to your MY PODCAST PAGE where you can click on the SUBSCRIBE TO iTUNES tab and you are away. If iTunes doesn't automatically open and start downloading you made need to update it to the latest version.